The Happy Face of Modern China

During the nineteenth century, millions of rural workers flocked to the cities of Britain, Europe and America to take industrial jobs. The result was the poverty, disease and overcrowded slums portrayed by Charles Dickens and other chroniclers of the times.

But at least the migrations were voluntary—more or less. Now, China—learning nothing from its own history or that of other nations—is forcing a migration on a scale unimaginable. According to this article by Ian Johnson in the New York Times, it plans to push 250 million rural residents off their land and into cities. Why? Because China's central planners think it's a good idea.

The objective is to wean these ignorant peasants off their archaic lifestyle of subsistence farming and turn them into consumers—to spur domestic demand for Chinese products.

What a great idea! Never mind that the peasants may not want to abandon their lives and land for some sterile 20-story tower in a faraway city.

We're the government. And we know what's best for you. Another Great Leap Forward—into the abyss of human misery.